Dear Family & Friends,

I have been blessed with the opportunity to go to Lebanon from May 12-23, 2021. My time there will be serving Syrian Refugees in need of medical care. During this trip I am honored and committed to sharing God's love into every person and experiencing life through their lens. I am reaching out to you in hopes that you would be willing to provide support.

The trip will be spent serving the medical needs of Syrian refugees as stated above. I will be joining physicians (MD,DO) / physician assistants (PA), nurse practitioners (NP) / nurses (RN/LVN/LPN/CNA) , pharmacists, occupational / physical therapists (OT/PT), EMT’s / paramedics, Dentists other medical providers with a goal of providing healthcare and basic hygiene care to those in need.

As we embark on our journey, the patients we will be caring for have extremely limited access to care or quality of care; therefore are really only able to receive adequate medical treatment through medical missions like this. They have been displaced and a lot of them far away and separated from their families. They have lost loved ones and have limited to no access to general education and opportunity. Lebanon has been without government for over a year and this leaves it unpredictably and potentially unsafe for American's to visit. There are other complex factors including the relationship we lack with Iran but none the less these people deserve basic hygiene and medical care. They deserve to feel seen and loved. I would be so grateful for your prayers for safety, protection and guidance in helping, loving and caring for these beautiful lives. Another way you could provide assistance is with the travel expenses of the trip. This would include my airfare, rooming, food and required equipment to volunteer. As these expenses are directly paid for by each volunteer.

In case you have followed and/or supported my previous journeys to Haiti, Honduras and Mexicali, I first, want to say thank you. They were extremely successful trips where we served thousands in need. Haiti changed my life and really hooked me to pursue medical mission as much as God would allow. We traveled very early in the morning daily, in cantor trucks for hours up the mountains on gravel roads to set up clinic in churches and other facilities as planned. I was first placed on pregnancy tests and was astonished when 8 in a row came back positive I really thought I was doing something wrong). But the realization is these people have no access to protection and preventative measures as we do, let alone daily hygiene knowledge. And the fact that they have no running water or electricity gave me a new appreciation for the life I live and things I have access to daily. I met some of my best friends today there and decided starting my Arbonne business to be able to give back was no longer an option. It was my big WHY! My reason. My strive and eventually my way out of the corporate grind to be able to give back on a much larger scale.

Less four months later, these new friends I made asked me to join the next medical mission to Honduras. In Honduras, again, we touched thousands of lives, traveled in buses with armed military trucks to rural villages to set up pop up clinics. We even saved a 5 week old baby boys life who had stopped breathing. The mother walked over a mile to get to our clinic because she heard we were in the village. This baby had slowly stopped breathing over the previous couple days and by the time she got him to us he was blue. This experience definitely made me pivot my thinking when it came to my career. I decided I wanted to go back to school to pursue nursing.

A year later I was back in Mexicali when COVID struck. We were there for 6 days before we had to cut our trip short to hurry back over the border before things closed. But during those 6 days we traveled to different villages and saw many of men and woman with dangerously high glycemic levels, levels that here in America would be considered deadly. But to them, they live with it. They suffer and they have no idea what's causing it, because they don't have the education or access to healthier options in their diets like we do. I was due to go to Lebanon that coming July-August and would have been there when the Beirut explosion happened, but due to COVID the trip had been cancelled. Well, 6 months later, here I am honored at the opportunity to go, working my Arbonne business, growing my amazing team of boss ladies and inching my way to resigning from corporate (some day!!!). I am back in school full time pursuing my general education for my nursing degree and exploring other avenues that would contribute to allowing me the time/financial freedom to take flight more often. And until then, with the help from all of you, each trip continues to be fulfilling and successful.

I am so grateful for all your support and any contributions offered. If you cannot help with supplies or monetary donations, I completely understand due to the current COVID climate a lot of people have been out of work themselves. But as I mentioned above, your prayers and encouragement during this trip are enough! I feel so honored to have this opportunity and the ability to fulfill the needs for the people in Lebanon.

ps. I have attached some pictures of memories from previous trips and of course my highlights on my instagram profile have more!

Thank you and love you all,

Sarah Raelyn